MyChef Steamed White Rice - 290g Individual Pack
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Steamed White Steamed Rice 290g with New Packaging Microwave! 

Only warm for 1 minute in microwave or soak in hot water for 10 minutes.

Steamed White Rice Cooked cooked with high quality basmati rice and steamed to perfection!

A pack of 290g is definitely enough to get rid of an adult's hunger. Try it, when you pour it into a dish, you'll be thrilled to see the smell of steamed white rice and even the plates.

Ideal for traveling or work abroad. Hold for 2 years, just keep in the shade and dry as in the closet, kitchen cabinet or in the backpack or car. 

When this dish's adventure can be poured into a dish and warmed using a microwave for only 60 seconds. Or this pack is immersed in hot water for 5 minutes. Enjoy warm dishes wherever you are - top of the mountain, in the camping or in the overseas country.

Common Questions:

  • When is the expiry date?

This product has durable durability of 2 years. The group being sold now will only expire as early as January 2020

  • Is it okay to cook?

No need to cook. The dish is ready to be cooked in the pack, can be eaten if it does not eat cold rice. However, it is more delicious and appetizing if it is warmed up just before eating.

  • In the pack there is rice ready to cook?

That is correct. There was rice cooked. Just wait to eat.

  • Want to keep in the refrigerator?

No need. The 'retort' technology we use allows food to be packed and stored for 2 years without the use of a refrigerator. All this without using chemical preservatives that will undoubtedly affect your health.

  • Can you travel?

Yes. It is best to bring in your luggage to be eaten in a foreign country that may be difficult or expensive to get Halal food. Malaysians and White Races can not be separated. But they obey the laws of the country you will visit.

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