TIARA, the World's First Halal Lifestyle E-commerce TIARAMALL which is seamlessly integrated to the OTT TV, TIARA TV, a mobile application, is wholly owned by Time Asia Productions (M) Sdn Bhd (867750V). This brilliant media game changer for the Halal Industry was conceived in 2012 with a view to plug glaring gaps in the 3.1 trillion USD Halal Life Style Market. Though Halal was one of the fastest growing markets in the world, there were matters of authenticity, trust and quality that needed to be addressed and TIARAMALL does just that.

TIARAMALL is in line with the Malaysian government's vision of making Malaysia the global Halal Hub. It's unique vision and strategies provide SMEs a level playing field and allow them to compete with the World Behemoths.

Malaysia as we know leads the world in terms of Halal certification and the Malaysian Halal logo is the most trusted and well known across the world. TIARAMALL is by true blue professional veterans of the Malaysian Halal Industry who have trained people and companies across Malaysia, Kosovo, Argentina, India, and Mexico among many others in Halal Certification.

A wide array of quality products, competitive fair pricing in a secure environment from trusted & verified sources are some of the hallmarks of TIARAMALL.

TIARAMALL provides a global market place with cutting-edge technology for all goods and services Halal. It connects manufacturers and customers seamlessly in a business friendly environment.

TIARAMALL is the Generation-Next of Halal E-commerce!

Do register and prosper!


- Dato'Dr. Sri Ram Sarma

Success and perseverance comes with hard work.

In case of Dato' Dr. Sri Ram Sarma, this is no less true. from a humble book distributor, he trudged through the difficult ’80s economic recession to emerge as a shining example of Faith, Commitment and Integrity – essential qualities in a successful corporate leader. Presently, he is the Group Chairman and Chief Executive Director of the SRS Group comprising several diversified companies, and Executive Chairman Time Asia Production each a pioneer in their respective fields.

In the world of commerce, his name stands firm and solid. His innate ability and business acumen keeps him ahead of his rivals in traditional sectors such as trading, sports, infrastructure and information technology. He is a man with a mission and a passion for challenges.

A dynamic entrepreneur with outstanding management and leadership qualities, he offers an innovative, enlightened and pro-active management style, hence allowing the Group to continuously maintain the highest standard of performance. He is a devoted and God-fearing family man, who is committed to the Asian philosophy of family unity and harmony. He is often seen as a role model to society. The SRS Group and its people bear testimony to one man's pioneering spirit and vision.


— Zalira Akmal Ariffin

Zalira Akmal Ariffin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy from the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia in December, 1997. She has more than 20 years of auditing, accounting and finance, turnaround management and strategic business value-adding advisory experience.

She formed her own Corporate Advisory firm, Strategic Business Reformation Sdn Bhd in 2003. Specializes in Financing, Business Turnarounds, strategize and hive off loss making divisions, identifying and maximizing growth potential and achieve their objectives.

She is a certified Business Advanced Technology Centre- Universiti Teknologi Msia (2005) and Malaysian Institute of Management Trainer (2006) . She has conducted various types of human capital devp programs with FELDA, PERKESO, PERHEBAT and M'sian Franchise Assoc.

Her role in business advisory includes business expansion, acquisition and valuation. Her vast experience in finance, strategic solutions and implementation has facilitated numerous companies to turnaround through her consultancy engagement with Bank Simpanan Nasional Corporation.

She was CFO of an International TV/Film JV. She is currently setting up a TV Channel which has a niche market differentiation in today’s competitive TV industry. She is the founder and CEO of the soon-to-be-launched World’s First Halal TV channel – TIARA TV.

TIARA TV is a collaboration between HDC (Halal Development Corporation), ASTRO Channel and Time Asia Productions which she co-owns.

TIARATV is a mix of DIVA, Life Inspired, Travel & Living and Asian Food Channel, it provides an excellent outlet to all Halal products to advertise and showcase their products and services in an engaging entertaining manner. Halal Lifestyle Channel redefines the meaning of the word Halal to symbolize avante garde, top quality and safe to consume product or service.

What sets it apart from all other channels is that ALL products featured in the channel will be sold via online Portal – tiaratv.com.