Bindal Fine Print Copier A4 Paper 80 gsm -500 sheets(1 Box 5 Ream)
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The product that MTRSB produced are mainly papers. These papers are different from other competitors as the raw materials used in making the papers are Bagasse, or also known as sugarcane, and wheat straws. In other words, we recycled this raw materials in order to make a paper product. These papers come from different sizes which are A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and F4 papers with different weights which are 55, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, and 100 gsm. The main papers that MTRSB supply is A4 papers with the weights of 70, 75 and 75 gsm. Unlike other products that was produced by the competitors, the company’s products has a high quality cut size pack copier papers, suitable for high quality colour printing and non-colour printing and not to mention, it is a unique-range of eco-friendly concept.

Our Raw Materials
Sugarcane and wheat are food sources for most of the people. Some people use sugarcane to make juice as it is suitable to drink during summer. Some people use sugarcane for health as sugar cane can give instant energy, combats cancer and heals wound. Sugar cane was also used to feed animals such as the elephants. As for wheat, it can be said as a pastel food that most people in the world eat. Wheat was also used to feed livestock as it is their food resources. Not only that, the wheat straw can be used to make hat, basket and scarecrows. However, as the time pass and due to the advancement of technology, our company manage to find another used of both sugarcane and wheat straw where it can be used to create paper. These raw materials are easy to find and do not harm the environment. By using these raw materials, less trees will be cut down as we could actually save the environment.

Comparing with other product, our papers are made by using agricultural waste which are sugarcane and wheat straw. The raw materials are being recycled instead of being disposed. Thus, by doing this, we would not conducting deforestation activity. This would save the trees as well as the ecology system would not be disturb. This would actually give advantage to the farmer as we will be taking the waste and they do not need to dispose it. Not only that, since the farmers usually would disposed the waste by burning them, we actually manage to reduce the open burning activity that would lead to make the ozone layers become thin.

Best Quality Product
MTRSB believes that by offering and producing a high-quality product, it will increase the business growth. Thus, to maintain the quality of the product, MTRSB ensure to provide the best quality control team on guard to avoid any poor conditions of productions such as:

  • Damage
  • Perishable
  • Frail Packaging
  • Delicate

Advantage Of Our Product

Our product can make printing and photocopying become smooth .

Our product is said to be unique as the raw materials used in producing the product is different compare to any other product which are sugarcane and wheat straw.

Unlike other products, when photocopying, there is no dust can be find after photocopying with our A4 paper.

The color, the words and the pictures can be seen clearly on our A4 paper compare to other competitor.

Our product can be used in many ways such as for printing, photocopying, and examination.

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