Circugard (60 Capsules)-WCIR0060
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A 3-in1 herbal formulation for blood circulation
Combining 3 ingredients, Ginkgo, Pomegranate and Green Tea extracts, in standardised forms used in research, Circugard works to benefit circulatory health. Good blood circulation is of utmost importance for good health as it supplies oxygen & nutrients to cells as well as transports waste away for excretion. Good blood circulation forms the essence of a healthy body system & good mobility; all of which commonly decline with age

Key Benefits

  • Improves blood flow for smooth blood circulation throughout your body. Good blood circulation is important in transporting nutrients & oxygen to all parts of the body.

Other Benefits

  • Provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage to help protect body cells

What's special about this product?

  • A combination of 3 of the most widely researched herbs for circulatory health.
  • Circugard contains standardised extracts to ensure consistent potency of the active components in the product:

Who should use this product?

Those concerned with maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Circugard is suitable for vegetarians.

Content & Dosage

Each Vege Capsule Contains 80mg of Ginkgo biloba Extract 200 mg of Pomegranate Extract 200 mg of Green Tea Extract

Recommended Dosage 1 capsule after meals, 1-2 times daily

Available In 60 Capsules

Registration No : MAL10033193TC

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