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Multivitamin-mineral nutrition with 32 ingredients for daily vitality

Multi One is a convenient one-tablet-a-day multivitamin with a comprehensive formula of 32 ingredients at optimal dosages. Contains a wide-spectrum of all essential vitamins & minerals with antioxidants to give you that extra energy and protection for optimal health

Key Benefits

  • Wide spectrum multivtaimin-mineral nutrition with 32 ingredients.
  • Antioxidants Vitamin A, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lutein, Lycopene promote healthy eyes and protect eyes
  • Antioxidants Selenium, Vitamin C and E help maintain optimal body defense
  • Full spectrum of 8 B-Vitamins for energy production and increased daily vitality.
  • Contains 600mcg of Folic Acid and 7.5mg of Iron - vital nutrients for healthy red blood cell formation and important nutrients in pre-natal nutrition.
  • Vitamin C, E and Zinc promote healthy immune systems.
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins C & D3 strengthen bone health.

What's special about this product?

  • Convenient one-a-day-tablet.with 32 ingredients, one of the highest in the market.
  • Mid-strength potency provides optimal doses for comprehensive supplementation without being too heaty.
  • In an easy-to-swallow shape. Tablet is scoured and easily broken into two halves.
  • Natural coloured green coating derived from chlorophyll..

Who should use this product ?

Suitable for teenagers, adults, pregnant & breastfeeding ladies.

Content & Dosage

Each Tablet containsVitamin A 5000iu, Vitamin B1 6mg, Vitamin B12 8.5mg, Niacinamide 30mg, Pantothenic Acid 25mg, Vitamin B6 10mg, Biotin 450mcg, Folic Acid 600mcg, Vitamin B12 30mcg, Choline 6mg, Inositol 15mg, Vitamin C 120mg, Vitamin D 400iu, Vitamin E 30iu, Vitamin K 60mcg, Calcium 100mg, Magneisum 35mg, Potassium 15mg, Zinc 9mg, Manganese 3mg, Copper 1mg, Iodine 150mcg, Selenium 50mcg, Iron 7.5mg, Chromium 50mcg, Boron 500mcg, Phosphorus 76mg, Molybdenum 50mcg, Chloride 13mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 30mg, Lycopene 500mcg, Lutein 500mcg.

Recommended DosageAdults : 1 tablet daily, after a meal.Best taken in the morning or afternoon.

Available In 60 Tablets 

Registration No : MAL17045001NCR

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