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Rich in silica for healthy skin, hair and nails

Vegeca contains herbs rich in silica which is an important building block in the formation of collagen and connective tissues in the body. Silica is found in all tissues and organs of the body including the skin, hair and nails. Vegeca is specially formulated from ingredients naturally rich in easily absorbable silica to promote beauty from within.

Key Benefits

  • Builds collagen and connective tissues for firm and healthy skin, hair & nails.

Other Benefits

  • Helps to cleanse toxins in the body for a fresher appearance.

 Whats special about this product?

  • Made with a proprietary formulation of well-researched beauty enhancing herbal ingredients
  • Springtime Horsetail Extract is standardised to provide concentrated & consistent benefits.

 Who should use this project?

Both men & women who want enhance and maintain outer beauty should utilize Vegeca, rich in easily absorbed organic silica to nourish their skin, hair and nails. 

Content & Dosage

Each Vegetable Capsule Contains:

  • 200mg of Springtime Horsetail Extract
  • 100mg of Gotu Kola Extract
  • 100mg of Oat Straw Powder

Recommended Dosage For Adults: 1-3 capsules daily, after meals Available In60 capsules

Registration No : MAL19985254TC

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